All of us try

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To make some sort of difference in the world, no matter how small. Like the hand print our ancient ancestors left on a cave wall, we all want to leave our mark on the world. But what is it that makes some of us willing to push beyond our experiences, and our credentials, to take […]

Michael Beckley, Senior Development Advisor & Director

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  Michael Beckley, Senior Advisor, Board Director Michael has over 50 years of hospitality industry experience gained in Europe, Bermuda, The West Indies and Canada. He currently works in an advisory capacity to CBRE Hotels after recently retiring from Marriott International as Senior Vice President, Lodging Development, growing the company across Canada from 17 hotels […]

Brian Crombie, CFO and Director

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Brian is a hotel/restaurant consultant with 20 years of corporate experience in finance, strategic planning and business development. He has led strategic planning with Walt Disney Company, and Tim Pattison/Ripley’s Entertainment. Brian has an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Hotel icon joins North to South

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Michael Beckley joins North to South Toronto – April 13, 2017 – North to South continues to strengthen our Board of Directors and is delighted to announce the addition of Michael Beckley, FIH, CHA. Michael has extensive experience in the hotel industry, most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Development for Marriott International in Canada. […]


Hear the stillness, touch the moments

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Imagine the stillness of an early morning at North to South in Barbados. You can hear the faint rhythmic sound of waves crashing on a beach far away. A lone rooster crows and then another further away answers back. The bed feels warm and cozy, but curiosity pulls at you. You get up, still impressed […]

Fighting fossil fuels

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North to South is a social enterprise with a mission to move Caribbean nations from their dependence on burning fossil fuels for energy to using of renewables. With most island nations fully dependent on burning heavy oil to create energy, a structured and focused effort must be made to bring about change. This will require […]

Canada: Cap and Trade program coming to Toronto

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By Kaeleigh Phillips Ontario has been working hard to prepare for cap and trade, an environmental initiative that will put a cap on greenhouse emissions and help high polluters to lower their carbon levels. The program will lower greenhouse gas emissions substantially and will help Ontario reach its climate goals to 15 per cent below […]